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Holly McHugh

VP Sustainability | Mejuri, Inc.

Holly McHugh, the VP of Sustainability of Mejuri, is a highly experienced Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing leader and change-agent with a deep understanding of emerging and social issues. In May  2023, Holly led the brand in launching their first Sustainability report, alongside a $1.5M USD partnership with RESOLVE’s Regeneration. Prior to Mejuri, Holly made an impactful career in specific sector expertise and innovative leadership in global luxury, retail, capability building, assessments, and consulting. While managing multi-cultural and multi-generational teams in Asia, Europe and the U.S. at brands such as Tiffany and Co. and Kering, Holly successfully
directed stakeholder engagement, collaborations, issue analysis, remediation, supply chain management and policy.

Responsible Silver

Every industry has to do its part to reduce GHG emissions and ideally use methods that can be calculated and reported on according to international standards. Gold and silver don’t currently have sector-specific science-based targets or guidelines. When it comes to GHG emissions in jewelry, the most significant source is the mining and processing of the ore. Factors such as the type of mine (primary ore / or by-product),  whether the ore processing facility is on or off site, the energy sources to run the operations, and the size of the operation all factor into calculating GHG emissions.
Calculations are even more complex for jewelry made from recycled precious metals. We want to work with others in the industry on these challenges and find solutions together.