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Melissa Scoppa

Founder & Designer | Melissa Scoppa Fine Jewelry

Melissa Scoppa launched her career in New York City's Jewelry District bringing nearly 15 years of experience working with luxury brands and a passion for both the technical and the artistic side of jewelry.

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry design from Kutztown University as well as GIA AJP credentials, and has established herself in the San Francisco Bay Area where she crafts her unique pieces inspired by themes of time, memory, and symbolism.

As a Fairmined Licensed Brand, Melissa strives for care and consideration to come through in all aspects of her company from the detailed craftsmanship to the effort placed into sourcing materials that also have a positive impact.

She advocates for inclusivity and diversity in the industry through volunteer work as past president of WJA Norcal, championing a collaborative environment for fellow jewelry professionals.


Melissa brings nearly 15 years of jewelry production and industry experience to the panel. Having worked in many facets of the industry and now currently  operating as a solopreneur, she has insights to the challenges and also rewards of her ongoing quest
to source materials as responsibly as possible.

As a Fairmined licensed brand, she believes that if jewelry is intended to be a meaningful and sentimental purchase, the raw materials that make up each piece of jewelry should also be selected with the same care and consideration as the design process.