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Perpetuum Jewels

Repurposed | Everlasting | Forever

Jay Moncada | Owner

Jay Moncada is a 3rd generation Gems trader with roots in Colombia, birthplace of the finest emeralds in the world.

He is the owner of Perpetuum Jewels, the only US company with a continued standing certification as Responsible Source to the Trade and for their Post-Consumer Recycled Gemstones and parcels by SCS global services.  Perpetuum’s inventory comprises diamonds and colored gemstones salvaged from post-consumer jewelry and are particular in their historical faceting/cut styles. Every gem carries complete provenance information based on its age and former jeweled “home”.

Jay also promotes responsible sourcing practices in the jewelry industry by active participation and education in many industry initiatives and also serves as a board member and treasurer of Ethical Metalsmiths.


Our Company

Perpetuum Jewels was founded on the premise that the traditionally obscure paradigm of the jewelry industry is to be disrupted, not by large enterprise, but by small community, grassroots efforts and independent voices.

Our Vision

A trade that is capable of informing every step of a gem's journey from mine to jewel.

A trade that guarantees adequate protection of natural resources, fair labor rights and opportunities to every human component in the distribution pipeline.

A more balanced profit equity for small mining communities.

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