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Jessica Hudson

Founding Partner | Virtu Gem, Owner and Designer | VIPĀKA Jewelry; Founder | The Nomad Jeweler

Jessica is a GIA Graduate, Jeweler and Gemologist, owner and designer for VIPĀKA Jewelry and founder of The Nomad Jeweler. She has dedicated herself to advocating for more trust and transparency within the jewelry industry and believes in the purpose-driven purchases model. As one of the founders of Virtu Gem, she helps to facilitate communication between buyers, designers and cutters. She takes great joy in applying her design skills and gem knowledge to assist in the creative process for both the jewelry designer and cutter. It is an honor for her to act as one of the “connectors” of Virtu Gem. To her, the best part is meeting such wonderful people from all over the world who share the desire to be a part of making a difference within our industry.