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Deborah Spencer

Jewelry Designer | Goldsmith

Deborah Spencer is a designer and goldsmith at Trios Studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Together with her studio mates, she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and does repair and restoration work. 

Trios Studio and it's suppliers are environmentally conscious, have mindful production, provide fair wages, and use recycled metals. They have worked hard to create a truly transparent supply chain.

Jewelry Designer Panel: How Responsibility Became a Passion

It can be challenging for small jewelry producers to achieve transparent supply chains. While meaningful progress is finally being made in the jewelry industry, much of that work has been targeted at larger corporations with large purchasing departments, and on supply chain initiatives that serve larger volumes. The jewelry designer panel at Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference has been a big hit each year. It is an excellent opportunity for designers who have achieved blazed a responsibility trail to share their knowledge, experience, and practices with other small producers.

This panel will be moderated by Brandee Dallow (Responsible Jewellery Council), and will include Deborah Spencer (Trios Studio), Meri Geraldine (Gardens of the Sun), Dana Bronfman (Dana Bronfman Jewelry), and Mariele Ivy (Young in the Mountains).

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    +1 503 496 1285

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    3 Monroe Parkway
    Suite 1
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035