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With over 40 experts speaking over a one-week period, we couldn't be more excited about our lineup. Which ones will you watch?

NOTE: Schedules are being finalized now.

The 2020 Conference Schedule

9 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Conference Opening

A session by Andrea Hill and Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands and Responsible Jewelry Transformative

10:30 am CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Moyo Gems

A session by Jennifer Gandia, Stuart Pool & Monica Stephenson
Greenwhich St. Jewelers, Nineteen48 & Anza Gems

11:15 am CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Virtu Gem Zambia

A session by Mara Bragaglia, Virtu Gem, Mukosha Mulenga & Pauline Mundia
Maraismara, Virtu Gems, Eleora Gems & Virtu Gem

12:00 pm CST

Responsible Gem Boutique: Virtu Gem Malawi

A session by Hannah Becker, Virtu Gem & Percy Maleta
Virtu Gems & Maleta Gems and Jewels

12:45 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Nineteen48

A session by Liz Kantner & Stuart Pool

1:30 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Nature's Geometry

A session by Brian Cook, Liz Kantner & Jill Unwin
Nature's Geometry & She's Lost Control

2:15 pm CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Columbia Gem House

A session by Eric Braunwart & Sabrina
Columbia Gem House

3:00 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - ANZA Gems

A session by Jennifer Dawes & Monica Stephenson
Anza Gems

3:45 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Perpetuum Jewels

A session by Dana Bronfman & Jay Moncada
Dana Bronfman & Perpetuum Jewels

4:30 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Capricorn Gems

A session by Ian Bone & Melissa Quick
Capricorn Gems & Steve Quick Jeweler


10 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Supporting the SDGs through our jewelry

A session by Ms. Emily Achor, Kirsten Dales, Jorden de Haan, Andrea Hill, Dr. James McQuilken and Prof Nellie Mutemeri
PACT, Pact World (INGO), Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands, Pact and MutConsult

10:00 am CST

What Can Be Done About Mercury?

A session by Angel Camacho, Susan Keane, Christina Miller, Bossissi Nkuba & Benjamin Vauter
Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Council, Christina T Miller Consulting, Catholic University of Bukavu & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

11:15 am CST

Large Scale Diamond Mining: What Still Needs to be Addressed?

A session by Edward Asscher, Brad Brooks-Rubin, Pamela Fierst-Walsh, Juliane Kippenberg, Joanne Lebert & Shamiso Mtisi
Wolrld Diamond Council, The Sentry, US State Department, Human Rights Watch, IMPACT & Kimberley Process Civil Society and Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)

2:15 pm CST

Choco Jewelry

A session by Juana Méndez
Independent Researcher, Fundación ACUA, Colombia

3:00 pm CST

Gemstone Panel: Bringing Value Back to Source Countries

A session by Monica Gichuhi, Marcena Hunter, Chiko Manda and Mukasiri Sibanda
VirtuGem | AGEC, Global Initiative, Perekezi ASM Consultants & Tax Justice Network Africa

6:00 pm CST

Maxima - a Group Screening

A session by Máxima Acuña and Claudia Sparrow
(Maxima will NOT be personally present at the event) & Maxima

7:45 pm CST

Q&A with Maxima Producer Claudia Sparrow

A session by Andrea Hill, Claudia Sparrow and Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands, Maxima & Responsible Jewelry Transformative


11 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Indigenous Land Rights and Large Scale Mining

A session by Jennifer Krill, Nuskmata Jacinda Mack, Meshack Mbangula & Peter Viet
Earthworks, Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) & World Resources Institute

10:15 am CST

Ethics and Managing the Natural Ecosystem

A session by Hemant Shah
Owner, Alcraftist/Hemant Shah Consultancy

11:15 am CST

Bringing Gender Equity to Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining

A session by Andrea Hill, Ms Gloria Majiga-Kamoto, Nathalia Mendoza & Irene Owusu-Poku
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands, Centre for Environmental Policy & Advocacy, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) & The Golden Line (Going for Gold) Ghana

12 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Ethical Metalsmiths Education Committee Presentation

A session by Lucy Derickson, Susan Ganch, Kathleen Kennedy & Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
Montgomery College, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Department of Craft/Material Studies, Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy School of the Arts & Queensland College of Art Griffith University

2:30 pm CST

Responsible Design Panel

A session by Mara Bragaglia, Bob Donofrio, Boitshoko Kebakile, Susi Smither FGA, GIA JDT & Monica Stephenson
Maraismara, Futura Jewelry, The Rock Hound & Anza Gems

3:15 pm CST

Ask a Miner Anything

A session by Anny Jaramillo
Planning Director, Chede Mining Operation

4:00 pm CST

Native Cut Terminology

A session by Andrea Hill and Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands & Responisble Jewelry Transformative

13 November 2020

1:00 pm CST

The Toolbox Initiative

A session by Tim McCreight
Co-Director, Toolbox Initiative

2:00 pm CST

This is the Decade to Deliver the Sustainable Development Goals

A session by Kerry Bannigan, Lucie Brigham & Susan Wheeler
Conscious Fashion Campaign, The UN SDGs for Partnership & Responsible Jewelry Transformative

3:15 pm CST

DDI Update

A session by Patricia Syvrud MBA, GG
Minerals, Materials and Society and JDI Program Manager, University of Delaware

4:00 pm CST

The Gold Campaign: Forging a Future for Cleaner Gold

A session by Bonnie Abaunza, Angel Camacho, Leo Cerda, Sarah Dupont, Charlie Espinosa, Luis Fernandez, Susan Keane, Christina Miller, Jessie Nagel, Miles Silman, Benjamin Vauter & Sarah Wheeler
Abaunza Group, Analyst, The HAKHU Project, Amazon Aid Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Christina T Miller Consulting, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Responsible Jewelry Transformative

5:15 pm CST

Conference Closing

A session by Andrea Hill & Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands & Responsible Jewelry Transformative

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