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2019 Presentations - Alphabetical

Better Without Mercury

The Risks and Rewards of Just Going For It

Work has begun to clean up mercury contamination at a small gold mine in Colombia. What a learning experience! Imagine launching a project and the Colombian government shuts down the mining organization’s bank account, the project receives incredibly generous donations of skills, time, and resources, AND, new emerging opportunities wait on the horizon. 

Just Gold: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Impact of Each Ounce of Gold

Using data from the Just Gold project (see more information about the project, below), Joanne Lebert and Kesha Frank will illustrate the impact of gold mining on social, gender, and environmental issues. How many people can gold educate? How many can it feed? What are the risks of mining gold? What are the demographics of the miners? How can gold mining be used to incentivize positive social and environmental action?

Keynote by Dax Lovegrove

Swarovski, long an influencer in creating a more responsible fashion industry, will bring information, innovation, and inspiration to the jewelry industry at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference on October 25, 2019. Dax Lovegrove, Swarovski's Global Vice President of Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility at Swarovski, will provide the keynote address at this year's gathering.

Online Marketplaces for ASM Materials

"Moyo Gems is an ethical colored gemstone collaboration of Pact, Everledger, TAWOMA, Nineteen48 and ANZA Gems. Alongside AWIMA, we’re exploring the potential of online marketplaces for rough gemstones in order to streamline and scale ethical purchasing operations. We’re looking for feedback on what works for YOU and understand potential demand by ethical cutters, designers and retailers for more direct connection to miners and traders.

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