You Need Gems in this Shopping Bag!

Chief of Paiter-SuruĂ­ to Speak at Conference

Who wants the wealth the Paiter-SuruĂ­ control in the Amazon? Everyone.

Kenya Distributes Wealth

A sovereign wealth fund is good news for local communities and laborers.

Government Crackdown on Jewelry Industry?

Attendees at a NYC forum say it's coming.

Forum of the Africa-Belgium Business Week

Kimberly Process flawed, but continues to try to improve

CRJC and AWEIK Collaboration

Building stronger relationships between Kenyan extractives community and CRJC
AWEIK - Awakening Women's Potential in Oil, Gas, and Mining

CRJC Inspires Designer

Designer Christina Malle Featured for Fairmined Gold Coil Ring

Jewelry Glossary Project

Initiative to Establish Common Terms in Supply Chain Initiatives

Now Planning our 2021 Event - Stay Tuned!

Responsible Gem Boutique on November 5