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Marvin Wambua

Founder | Amor Gems Ltd.

My journey into gemstones started by seeing my dad with small shiny stones, some he used to call corundum, Tourmaline, Tsavorite, and Tanzanite just to mention a few. He would travel together with his partners, to Voi-Kenya or Arusha, Tanzania for the stones. They would then sell to international Gem dealers who frequented Nairobi. At times l would accompany him to Nairobi where he would meet his clients at the international hotels. l used to be intrigued by the ambiance of the hotel lobbies. Years later I got a chance to study in America and hotel
management was the obvious choice as a major-I wanted more of the "lobbies". While visiting New York l got to see what the gems (stones) my dad was selling, look like in finished settings.

Years later, as an employee working at Pooks Hill Marriott hotel in Maryland, l enrolled with GIA for gemology classes. At the same time l had friends, who were gem-cutters, whom l would sell rough stones to. In one of my friend's houses, I saw a Portuguese-cut glass which mesmerized me. Within a few months, I was enrolled at Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore, Inc. for faceting classes. Now, I am based in Nairobi Kenya, and the founder of Amor Gems Ltd. where I continue to facet gemstones and export to clients all over the world.