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Enrique Arizmendi

Founding Partner, Perlas del Mar de Cortez

Personal Bio. Enrique Arizmendi is one of the founding Partners of Perlas del Mar de Cortez, the only commercial Pearl Oyster Farm in the American Continent. He has a degree in Biochemical Engineering applied to marine resources and a Masters in natural resource management. Currently, he is Director of Research and Development at the Pearl Farm, but while the pearl farm was growing he was able to participate directly in all aspects of the operation, from grafting to diving, from management to sales. He has a few publications and presentations that cover aspects from the divulgation of the pearl oyster resource in the Sea of Cortez to environmental impact of pearl farms, including the reproductive Biology of the pearl oysters native to the Sea of Cortez. Originally from Mexico City, he moved to the port of Guaymas, Sonora at the age of 18 and he has lived there for 31 years.

Fun Fact

The Perlas del Mar de Cortez pearl farm was started as a school project in 1993 and the three of us that started it are still partners.

Sustainable Pearls

In our presentation we want to emphasize the value of pearl farming as the provider of a Gem that can involve no destruction at all and a good impact on the environment. The guidelines for Perlas del Mar de Cortez are the following: 1. Team up with your labor force by providing a work that is formal in providing what is know as “social benefits” and a common place where decency is the norm for human relations. 2. Integrate with the economy of the local community. 3. Protect the environment and be part of the recovery of the native pearl oyster beds. 4. Deliver a product with integrity so that it is long lasting and projects the attributes of real gems. In addition to the fundamental axes, we also have five secondary lines of work towards sustainability: Legality, Tax compliance, Zero corruption, Traceability and Reusing available materials thus reducing environmental risks. The tenth point is Transparency. Our activity is accompanied by the publication of our ethical guidelines in our website so that visitors with an interest in the subject can be the judges of our efforts. This presentation will be part of our work towards achieving our goal of sustainability. By exposing our actions we expect to start a dialog, exchange ideas, with the jewelry community that will shed light in ways to improve. The idea is that all of us will improve what we are doing to preserve our world.