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Carrie George

VP & Head of Sustainability | Everledger

Carrie is a proven systems thinker, change-maker, and senior leader. She has built sustainability and social impact policy and initiatives for over 15 years across 30+ countries. Carrie continues to be known for her attention to data-driven programs and in seeing the subtle and significant opportunities for large scale, social and environmental transformation in communities, supply chains, corporations and government.

Carrie has worked with and for many brands, industries and consulting companies that are focused on ethical sourcing and production. She has designed industry-wide policy, as well as managed multi-million dollar small and medium-sized grants/projects worldwide. Including time as an Americorps volunteer, leadership roles in Tech-for-Good start-ups, Apple and a fellowship at the U.S. Department of State, Carrie has worked at the strategic and tactical levels where nothing is too small for her or too big that she can’t empower her teams to do. This is evident in her writing Apple's first Responsible Sourcing of Minerals standard after building teams and cross functional support across Apple, including program implementation and all associated public reporting. This turned Apple's reputation around in this field of work and was praised by serious critics including Greenpeace and Global Witness.

Carrie sets out to create programs that support flexible, resilient and sustainable communities and markets that exist and grow beyond her or her team's role. She combines a passion for doing things better with a strong, personal drive for getting things done. Her former boss called her "Principled, intelligent, and highly motivated [...] Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, her ability to bring a variety of stakeholders to the table is impressive, and her capacity to comprehend and provide pragmatic solutions to big-picture, policy-level problems, as well as to operational-level issues is unparalleled." 

A Workshop to Co-Design an Online Marketplace for Rough Stones

The MOYO project, TAWOMA, AWEIK, and Everledger would like your feedback on how we can create online marketplaces for rough stones to demonstrate demand by the ethical cutters, designers, and retailers more directly to miners and traders. Please join us to co-design and workshop what an online marketplace for rough stones could look like, the functions needed, and they documentation/data you would want (in addition or clarification on what MOYO is currently supporting). We can also discuss "give back" functionality concepts and functionality that can be developed further for retailer and buyer uses.

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