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7th Annual CRJC Replays

Thank You for Your Support of the
Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

It's time to sit back and relive the 7th Annual Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference held a few weeks ago. Just click the links below for your exclusive access to each conference session for conference attendees only (we thank you for your patience as we edited out all the housekeeping so you only get the good stuff!) Watch as many times as you like. 

 Have a question you'd like to ask one our speakers? Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get the answer for you directly from the speaker.

Conference Opening

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Introduction to Incorporating the UN SDGs and UN Women Goals Into Your Jewelry Journey

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Opening Markets for Artisanal Gemstone Miners

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Deep Sea Mining

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The African Union's Africa Mining Vision

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Sex Trafficking in Marange Zimbabwe

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An Introduction to Ethical Metalsmiths Students and So Fresh + So Clean Exhibition Winners

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Responsible Retail

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Source Country Traders in the Gemstone Supply Chain

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Gold and Agriculture

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Russian Sanctions

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Initiatives Clinic

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Migration and Minerals: The Impact of our Supply Chain on the Global Movement of People

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Casting a Wider Net: Responsibly Sourced Designs Inspiring Consumer Engagement

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2021 Conference

2021 Chicago
Responsible Jewelry

What an amazing two days of listening, sharing, and cooperative problem-solving as world government representatives, civil society, and the jewelry industry assemble to create more equitable, transparent jewelry supply chains.

Listen Deeply. Act Collaboratively.

Conference Details



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2021 Conference Schedule

Below is the schedule from our virtual conference


Friday, November 12
  • Conference Opening

    8:00 AM CST

    A session by Andrea Hill, CEO, Hill Management Group|Werx Brands; and Susan Wheeler, Founder | Responsible Jewelry Transformative

  • Keynote: Voices of the Amazon are Calling to Talk to You about your Gold

    8:30 am CST

    A short video produced by friend of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, Chief Lucas Tukano Duarte.


    9:00 am CST

    A session by Hans Merket, Researcher | International Peace Information Service (IPIS); Raphael Tshimanga, Hydrology and Water Resources Scientist | Congo River Basin; and Moderated by Susan Crow, Owner & Creative Director | Susan Crow Studio

  • How laws around sourcing and responsibility, and current cases in the US Supreme Court, affect jewelers

    10:15 am CST

    A session with Wyatt Gjullin, Staff Attorney | EarthRights International; Jennifer Fendrick, Sr. Intl. Relations Officer, Office Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking | U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Intl. Labor Affairs; Juliane Kippenberg, Associate Director | Children's Rights Division, Human Rights Watch; and Moderated by Andrea Hill

  • How Jewelry Industry Funds Flow: the problem with Government Control of Gold in Venezuela, Military Control of Gemstones in Myanmar, Oligarchs’s Control of Mozambique Rubies, and Government Control in Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields

    11:30 am CST

    A session with Dr. Joseph Hanlon, Visiting Senior Fellow, Dept. of International Development | London Schools of Economics and Political Science and Visiting Senior Research Fellow Open University | Development Policy & Practice Group; Sara Yood, Deputy General Counsel | Jewelers Vigilance Committee; Louis Marechal, Sector Lead, Minerals & Extractives | OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct; Dewa Mavhinga, Southern Africa Director | Human Rights Watch; and Moderated by Annabel Davidson, Editor | Vanity Fair on Jewellery

  • Sex trafficking and gender based violence in mines and mining communities

    1:45 pm CST

    A session with Dr. Jocelyn Kelly, Director | Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; Grace Njapau Efrati, President | Association of Zambian Women in Mining; Gladys Balance, Gender Studies Lecturer and Researcher; and Moderated by Susan Wheeler

  • Be aware of the vulnerabilities in our gold, diamond, and gemstone supply chains through the work of the US Department of Labor

    3:00 pm CST

    A session with Caleb Owen, Senior International Relations Specialist | U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking


Saturday, November 13
  • Introducing the Ethical Metalsmiths SO Fresh + So Clean 2021 winner and a video presentation on safe studio practices

    8:00 AM CST

    With Khajornsak Nakpan and Julia Giangrande, Presented by Andrea Hill

  • The Marange Women's Alliance, an Initiative Supported by the Responsible Jewelry Transformative: Stepping Out and Stepping Up

    8:30 AM CST

    A session by Billy Matambo, Chairperson | Marange Women's Alliance (MWA), and Senior Officer | Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union; Abigail Sibanda, Gender Focal Person | Marange Women's Alliance (MWA); Susan Wheeler; and Moderated by Monica Stephenson, ANZA Gems

  • CRAFT Code, An Artisanal Mining Assessment: Growing, Modifying, and Morphing

    9:45 AM CST

    A session with Patience Singo, Virtu Gem | Technical Advisor on CRAFT Code; Pauline Mundia, Manager | Farmer Communication Outreach Project; Charles Douglas-Hamilton, Consultant | World Bank Energy & Extractives Global Practice; Patricia Ndagano, Consultant | World Bank Energy & Extractives Global Practice; and Moderated by Monica Gichuhi, Extractives Industry Consultant | Virtu Gem and AGEC

  • How to elevate a nation's gemstone trade through a single gemcut design

    11:00 AM CST

    A session with Dr. Adriano Mol, Professor & Specialist in Gem and Jewelry Design; Jessica Hudson, Owner and Designer | VIPĀKA Jewelry and Founder | The Nomad Jeweler; Lameck Thole, Head, Skills Training & Production | GPLTC; Carol Muchira, Country Coordinator for Virtu Gem in Kenya; Chikomeni Manda, Virtu Gem | Gemstone Miner, Dealer, ASM Advocate and Trainer; and Moderated by Robert Weldon, Director | RTL Gemological Library & Information Center, GIA

  • Jewelry Designer Panel: Jewelry designers and retailers committed to clean supply chains and partnerships for change

    1:00 PM CST

    A session with Andrea Jose, Creative Director | Peruvian Fine Jewellery, and Founder | Casa Collab; Rachel Sweeney, Cox & Power Jewellery; Kyle Abram, Brand Catalyst | Reflective Jewelry; and Moderated by Kerry Bannigan, Executive Director | Fashion Impact Fund

  • Deep sea mining, tailing ponds and mercury in the Amazon: ramifications of mining gold, diamonds, and gems on our worlds water

    2:15 PM CST

    A session with Bronwen Currie, Independent Marine Biologist; Marcelo Oliveira, Senior Programme Officer | WWF - Brasil; Daniel Franks, Program Lead, Development Minerals, Deputy Director (Research) | University of Queensland's Sustainable Minerals Institute; and Moderated by Andrea Hill

  • Diamond Certification with SCS Global

    3:30 PM CST

    A session with Brandee Dallow, Vice President of Sustainability | SCS Global Services

2021 Conference Speakers

Working Speaker List

Andrea Hill

CEO Hill Management Group | Werx Brands

Susan Wheeler

Founder | Responsible Jewelry Transformative

Kyle Abram

Brand Catalyst | Reflective Jewelry

Gladys Balance

Gender Studies Lecturer and Researcher | Midlands State Univeristy

Kerry Bannigan

Executive Director | Fashion Impact Fund

Susan Crow

Owner & Creative Director | Susan Crow Studio

Brandee Dallow

Vice President of Sustainability | SCS Global Services

Annabel Davidson

Editor, Vanity Fair on Jewellery

Jennifer Fendrick

Sr. Intl. Relations Officer | Office Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking | U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Intl. Labor Affairs

Daniel Franks

Program Lead | Development Minerals | Deputy Director (Research), University of Queensland's Sustainable Minerals Institute

Julia Giangrande

Ethical Metalsmith Student

Monica Gichuhi

Extractives Industry Consultant | Virtu Gem, AGEC

Wyatt Gjullin

Staff Attorney | EarthRights International

Dr. Joseph Hanlon

Visiting Senior Fellow | Department of International Development, London Schools of Economics and Political Science; Visiting Senior Research Fellow | Development Policy & Practice Group

Jessica Hudson

Owner and Designer | VIPĀKA Jewelry; Founder | The Nomad Jeweler

Andrea Jose

Creative Director | Peruvian Fine Jewellery

Dr. Jocelyn Kelly

Director | Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Juliane Kippenberg

Associate Director | Children's Rights Division | Human Rights Watch

Louis Maréchal

Sector Lead, Minerals & Extractives | OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct

Billian Matambo

Chairperson | Marange Women's Alliance (MWA); Senior Officer | Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union

Dewa Mavhinga

Southern Africa Director | Human Rights Watch

Hans Merket

Researcher | International Peace Information Service (IPIS)

Dr. Adriano Mol

Professor & Specialist in Gem and Jewelry Design

Caroline Muchira A.J.P. G.G. (GIA)

Gemologist and Gem Cutter | Director at Mkuki Gems & Jewelry Ltd. | Country Coordinator for Virtu Gem in Kenya

Khajornsak Nakpan, PhD

Ethical Metalsmith Student

Grace Njapau Efrati

President |Association of Zambian Women in Mining (AZWIM)

Marcelo Oliveira

Senior Programme Officer | WWF - Brasil

Caleb Owen

Senior International Relations Specialist | U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking

Abigail Sibanda

Gender Focal Person | Marange Women's Alliance (MWA)

Patience Singo

Virtu Gem | Technical Advisor on CRAFT Code

Rachel Sweeney

Cox & Power Jewellery

Raphael Tshimanga

Hydrology and Water Resources Scientist | Congo River Basin

Sara Yood

Deputy General Counsel | Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Bronwen Currie

Independent Marine Biologist

Pauline Mundia

Manager | Farmer Communication Outreach Project

Lameck Thole

Head, Skills Training & Production | GPLTC

Robert Weldon

Director of the RTL Gemological Library & Information Center | GIA

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2020 Conference

The 2020 Conference Schedule

9 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Conference Opening

A session by Andrea Hill and Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands and Responsible Jewelry Transformative

10:30 am CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Moyo Gems

A session by Jennifer Gandia, Stuart Pool & Monica Stephenson
Greenwhich St. Jewelers, Nineteen48 & Anza Gems

11:15 am CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Virtu Gem Zambia

A session by Mara Bragaglia, Virtu Gem, Mukosha Mulenga & Pauline Mundia
Maraismara, Virtu Gems, Eleora Gems & Virtu Gem

12:00 pm CST

Responsible Gem Boutique: Virtu Gem Malawi

A session by Hannah Becker, Virtu Gem & Percy Maleta
Virtu Gems & Maleta Gems and Jewels

12:45 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Nineteen48

A session by Liz Kantner & Stuart Pool

1:30 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Nature's Geometry

A session by Brian Cook, Liz Kantner & Jill Unwin
Nature's Geometry & She's Lost Control

2:15 pm CST

Responsible Gem Boutique - Columbia Gem House

A session by Eric Braunwart & Sabrina
Columbia Gem House

3:00 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - ANZA Gems

A session by Jennifer Dawes & Monica Stephenson
Anza Gems

3:45 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Perpetuum Jewels

A session by Dana Bronfman & Jay Moncada
Dana Bronfman & Perpetuum Jewels

4:30 pm CST

Responsible Gem Fair - Capricorn Gems

A session by Ian Bone & Melissa Quick
Capricorn Gems & Steve Quick Jeweler


10 November 2020

9:00 am CST

Supporting the SDGs through our jewelry

A session by Ms. Emily Achor, Kirsten Dales, Jorden de Haan, Andrea Hill, Dr. James McQuilken and Prof Nellie Mutemeri
PACT, Pact World (INGO), Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands, Pact and MutConsult

10:00 am CST

What Can Be Done About Mercury?

A session by Angel Camacho, Susan Keane, Christina Miller, Bossissi Nkuba & Benjamin Vauter
Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Council, Christina T Miller Consulting, Catholic University of Bukavu & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

11:15 am CST

Large Scale Diamond Mining: What Still Needs to be Addressed?

A session by Edward Asscher, Brad Brooks-Rubin, Pamela Fierst-Walsh, Juliane Kippenberg, Joanne Lebert & Shamiso Mtisi
Wolrld Diamond Council, The Sentry, US State Department, Human Rights Watch, IMPACT & Kimberley Process Civil Society and Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)

2:15 pm CST

Choco Jewelry

A session by Juana Méndez
Independent Researcher, Fundación ACUA, Colombia

3:00 pm CST

Gemstone Panel: Bringing Value Back to Source Countries

A session by Monica Gichuhi, Marcena Hunter, Chiko Manda and Mukasiri Sibanda
VirtuGem | AGEC, Global Initiative, Perekezi ASM Consultants & Tax Justice Network Africa

6:00 pm CST

Maxima - a Group Screening

A session by Máxima Acuña and Claudia Sparrow
(Maxima will NOT be personally present at the event) & Maxima

7:45 pm CST

Q&A with Maxima Producer Claudia Sparrow

A session by Andrea Hill, Claudia Sparrow and Susan Wheeler
Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands, Maxima & Responsible Jewelry Transformative


2020 Conference Speakers

Andrea Hill

CEO Hill Management Group | 'Werx Brands

Stuart Pool

Owner | Nineteen48

Brian Cook

Owner | Nature's Geometry

Monica Stephenson

Owner | Anza Gems

Jay Moncada

Owner | Perpetuum Jewels

Ian Bone

Owner | Capricorn Gems

Jorden De Haan

Program Officer, Artisanal Gold | PACT

Joanne Lebert

Executive Director | IMPACT

Pamela Fierst-Walsh

Foreign Affairs, Responsible Sourcing | National Security US State Department

Chiko Manda

Consultant | Perekezi ASM Consultants

Mukasiri Sibanda

Tax and Natural Resource Governance Advisor | Tax Justice Network Africa

Monica Gichuhi

Extractives Industry Consultant VirtuGem | AGEC

Tim McCreight

Co-Director | Toolbox Initiative

Angel Camacho

Analyst | Amazon Aid Foundation

Meshack Mbangula

National Coordinator | Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA)

Jennifer Krill

Executive Director | Earthworks

Irene Owusu-Poku

National Programme Coordinator | The Golden Line (Going for Gold) Ghana

Lucy Derickson

Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Jewelry and Metalsmithing/Crafts Area | Montgomery College

Bob Donofrio

Founder | Futura Jewelry

Susi Smither FGA, GIA JDT

Founder | The Rock Hound

Juana Méndez

Independent Researcher | Fundación ACUA, Colombia

Patricia Syvrud MBA, GG

Minerals, Materials and Society and JDI Program Manager | University of Delaware

Susan Wheeler

Founder | Responsible Jewelry Transformative

Susan Keane

Environmental Advocate NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Sarah Dupont

Founder and President | Amazon Aid Foundation

Bonnie Abaunza

Social Impact Consultant | Abaunza Group

Anny Jaramillo

Planning Director | Chede Mining Operation

Claudia Sparrow

Director & Producer | Maxima

Máxima Acuña

Nathalia Mendoza

Gender Coordinator | Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)

Marcena Hunter

Global Initiative

Ms Gloria Majiga-Kamoto

Programme Manager | Centre for Environmental Policy & Advocacy

Christina Miller

Christina T Miller Consulting

Bossissi Nkuba

Researcher | Catholic University of Bukavu

Benjamin Vauter

International Environmental Protection Specialist | Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Shamiso Mtisi

KP CSC Coordinator and ZELA Deputy Director | Kimberley Process Civil Society and Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)

Kerry Bannigan

Conscious Fashion Campaign

Dr James McQuilken

Program | Officer Pact

Susan Ganch

Associate Professor & Metal Area Head Department of Craft/Material Studies | Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

Dr Elizabeth Shaw

Head of Fine Art Program and Head of Jewellery and Small Objects Department | Queensland College of Art Griffith University

Kathleen Kennedy

Adjunct Professor & Metal Area Coordinator Department of Craft/Material Studies | Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

Prof Nellie Mutemeri

CEO and Mining Practice Lead | MutConsult

Ms. Emily Achor

Geologist and an expert in Artisanal and small scale mining

Mara Bragaglia

Founder, Designer & Goldsmith | Maraismara

Liz Kantner

Melissa Quick

President | Steve Quick Jeweler

Edward Asscher

President | World Diamond Council

Boitshoko Kebakile

Dana Bronfman

Founder/Designer | Dana Bronfman

Pauline Mundia

Virtu Gem

Nuskmata Jacinda Mack

Jennifer Gandia

Co-owner & Creative Director | Greenwich St. Jewelers

Kirsten Dales

Senior international expert, ASGM UNDP

Percy Maleta

MANAGING DIRECTOR | Maleta Gems and Jewels

Mukosha Mulenga

Owner | Eleora Gems

Jill Unwin

Founder | She's Lost Control

Virtu Gem

Gem Dealer | Virtu Gems

Leo Cerda

Project Coordinator-Founder | The HAKHU Project

Peter Viet

World Resources Institute

Eric Braunwart

Founder | Columbia Gem House

Miles Silman


Jennifer Dawes

Hannah Becker

Jessie Nagel

Luis Fernandez

Charlie Espinosa

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Mukosha Gems

Mukosha Gems at the Responsible Gem Fair

Shop this specially curated collection from Mukosha Gems, prepared for the attendees of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

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Perpetuum Jewels

Perpetuum Jewels at the Responsible Gem Fair

Shop this specially curated collection from Perpetuum Jewels, prepared for the attendees of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

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