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Thank You for Your Support of the
Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

It's time to sit back and relive the 7th Annual Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference held a few weeks ago. Just click the links below for your exclusive access to each conference session for conference attendees only (we thank you for your patience as we edited out all the housekeeping so you only get the good stuff!) Watch as many times as you like. 

 Have a question you'd like to ask one our speakers? Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get the answer for you directly from the speaker.

Conference Opening

Introduction to Incorporating the UN SDGs and UN Women Goals Into Your Jewelry Journey

Opening Markets for Artisanal Gemstone Miners

Deep Sea Mining

The African Union's Africa Mining Vision

Sex Trafficking in Marange Zimbabwe

An Introduction to Ethical Metalsmiths Students and So Fresh + So Clean Exhibition Winners

Responsible Retail

Source Country Traders in the Gemstone Supply Chain

Gold and Agriculture

Russian Sanctions

Initiatives Clinic

Migration and Minerals: The Impact of our Supply Chain on the Global Movement of People

Casting a Wider Net: Responsibly Sourced Designs Inspiring Consumer Engagement