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Do You Have an Initiative You'd Like to List?

Artisanal miners form the basis of the international jewelry supply chain, yet they are amongst the most vulnerable on the planet. The CRJC / Responsible Jewelry Transformative maintains a list of special projects aiming to bring new resources and allies to these areas. 

If you would like your project listed, or would like to start a new project that would respond to a critical need, please fill out the details survey below. 

For any project to be listed for jewelry community support -- whether it is well established or new-- it must meet the following parameters:

  1. Respond to mining community priorities. We ask you to describe the process in which miners or mining communities were a part of creating your initiative and what steps you are taking to make sure they have a voice in how the project is run. 
  2. Show evidence of coordination with national or local governments. In most mining communities, to operate you must liaise with local authorities. Please provide evidence (such as a letter or similar) that you are working with the knowledge and consent of the host government or community. 
  3. Commit to regular communication on your program and photo updates of your work. We want to hear about your work! Please commit to keeping us updated at least twice-yearly to maintain a presence on the Special Projects list. 

Are You Ready? Please Complete this Questionnaire