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IMPACT India Report

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IMPACT’s new report reveals India to be one of the largest gold smuggling hubs in the world. As a result, gold that is tied to conflict, human rights abuses, and corruption in Africa and South America is entering legal international markets through India.

It's essential to know where your gold comes from. Currently gold is the fastest growing contributor of deforestation, illicit gold being used by narcos, gangs and terrorists to fund their activities and many other examples. People are profiting from gold in our supply chain. IMPACTS new report shows the path that much of the gold is taking to enter the global markets. Do you manufacture in India? Do any of your components and findings come from India? Please read IMPACT Transform's new report to understand the complicated supply chain we are a part of. 

US Gold Mining

Many people don't realize it, but gold mining is still a major industry in the US. The industry is focused primarily in Nevada, which is one of the world's larger gold sources. According to the 2018 "Mineral Commodity Summaries 2018," over 175 kg of gold worth over $7 billion was mined in Nevada in 2017. That's 71% of the gold produced in the US, and 5.6% of the world's total gold production.

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FBI Illicit Gold

Gold Mining Locations US MapThe FBI and the US Goverment are serious about the problems in our gold supply chain and want us to help fix it. The environmental experts are seriously demanding that the deviation from illegal gold mining end, and human rights experts are dismayed at the ramifications of the modern gold rush on our fellow human beings. Let’s all work a heck of a lot harder on this. Read the latest article.


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Report Real Care Is Rare

Gold Mining Locations US MapNew report released by the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition examining instances of diamond-related violence that do not fall within the current perimeters of the Kimberley Process and showing how conflict is still present in KP certified diamonds.