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Jewelry Glossary Project

DSC 6960webThe Jewelry Glossary Project formed in response to the growing use and misuse of key terms related to sustainability and responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry. To promote effective communication and accountability through shared understanding of key terms, the JGP created a jewelry glossary with an initial set of ten key terms. In February 2019, the JGP conducted a survey for feedback on their proposed definitions. The JGP concluded their survey in June after receiving feedback from over 400 participants. The JGP will be presenting their findings at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference and will discuss how attendees can use the Glossary to increase clarity and shared understanding in their brand practices. 

Emily Phillippy (Emily Chelsea Design), Jared Holstein and Jay Moncada (Perpetuum Jewels), and Erin Daily (Brooklyn Metalworks), will be presenting their findings at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference. During this session, they will also offer ways for jewelry industry members to interact with and use these definitions in their every day practice.   


 emily chelsea web

Emily Phillipy

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Jay Moncada

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Eric Daily

Jared Holstein

Jared Holstein 

(the following posting is from an earlier Hot  Topics article in the CRJC website)

Initiative to Establish Common Terms in Supply Chain Initiatives

According to a recent article "What Do We Mean When We Say 'Ethical' Sourcing?" by Brecken Branstrator in National Jeweler, the conversation around "responsible sourcing," "ethical supply chains" and "transparency" is confusing. Why? Because so many people use the same words to mean different things.

Branstrator shares that jewelry designer Emily Phillippy has been leading a group effort to establish industry-accepted definitions for supply-chain related words in jewelry responsibility efforts. 

The group has come up with definitions for 10 words, and is now seeking feedback from the trade on their efforts via a survey. So we're sharing this request with all our CRJC fans, since we know you'd want to participate!


(the survey is now closed)

Make sure you read the National Jeweler article - it goes into much more detail and has some other good links.