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Vogue Business Focuses on Jewelry's Problem with Gold

Author: Rachel Cernansky

Gold mining is causing unprecedented destruction in the Amazon. Vogue Business writes about this issue and looks to Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference founder Susan Wheeler for insight.

For jewelry to have a sustainable future, it must address the issue of dirty gold. Right now, gold mining is destroying the Amazon, aided and abetted by tragic Bolsonaro policies.

The problem is that gold mined in the Amazon is impossible to detect once it reaches the global gold market. So even well-meaning consumers could be wearing gold jewelry that is responsible for massive deforestation, mercury pollution, and long-term health problems and shortened lifespans for the people living in those regions.

gold voguebus full credit july 21 story inlineFor this article, Vogue Business sought the expert opinion of Susan Wheeler, founder of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

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