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Alisa Thorp

Alisa Thorp is one half of the partnership behind Mercurius Jewelry. She earned a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Columbia University, but followed her heart to study and teach yoga for more than a decade before taking over the operations of Mercurius.

With immersion in the world of fine jewelry, her interest in community ecologies combined with a love of gemstones to result in a newfound passion for seeking out exquisite, ethically-sourced materials.

Alisa’s focus for Mercurius is building a successful values-based fine jewelry business that shares profits with communities along the supply chain and in the local community.

Alisa lives and works in Oakland California with her goldsmith husband, David, and their two children. She is currently studying gemology at the GIA.

The Fairmined Jewelry Designer Challenge

At Mercurius we believe that the origin of each part is inseparable from the complete beauty of the finished object, so we source all materials with a commitment to ethics and transparency. We choose Fairmined because it adds to the quality of our work - the overall integrity of the jewelry we offer traces all the way back to the way in which this gold was extracted, including having a positive impact on source communities.

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