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Pauline Mundia

Vice President | Federation of Small Scale Mining Associations of Zambia and African Women in Mining Association-Southern African Chapter

Pauline Sialumba Mundia Vice President of the Federation of Small Scale Mining Associations of Zambia and vice president of African Women In Mining Association - Southern African Chapter. Also serving as Board Member of the Zambia Extractive Council representing the interest of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining. Pauline is the Country Coordinator for Virtu Gem responsible for all of Zambia. In 1987 she formed Chipazuba company with the sole purpose of mining amethyst in Zambia. In 1990 stopped work and started managing the mine full-time up to date. In 1995 the Zambian government appointed her as the first woman board member of Kariba Minerals Limited, the biggest amethyst mine in Zambia as well as Africa. Elected treasurer for the association of Zambian Women in Mining in 1997 In 2001 elected first woman, chairperson for Kalomo Miners Association. In 2002 appointed to the steering committee for the EU Mining Sector Diversification Programme. It was an ASM project. In 2002 she was the first woman steering committee member of the World Bank (gemstone project). In 2008 was elected the first president of Federation of Small Scale Mining Associations of Zambia stepped down in 2011.

The Carbon Zero, Artisanal and Small Scale Poverty Alleviation

Break Out 1: Virtu Gem National Gem Cut Designer Competition

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