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Andrea Jose Castro

Creative Director Peruvian Fine Jewellery and Founder Casa Collab

Peruvian designer Andrea Jose strives to transform the way we view the  resourcing and production of jewellery. Working in social development with  mining projects whilst learning jewellery techniques with master artisans, the  particularly male dominated mining industry inspired and motivated her to  value the work of strong female community leaders. She celebrates the value  of a reciprocal approach within the jewellery system.  

MA in Design from Central Saint Martins in London and Business Engineer  from Pacifico University in Peru. She is the Winner of the Bright Young  Gems 2021 Eco Hero by Retail Jeweller in the United Kingdom.  

Her company Casa Collab was the first B Corp certified in the jewellery  industry in Latin America. Since 2018 she collaborates actively to create a  new model of responsible mining in the Amazon region in Peru. She is part  of the team leading the Female Miners Network from Madre de Dios and  she has recently assumed a Direction to create the first jewellery school  located at the Amazonian Region of Peru. 


With collaboration being the seal of Andrea Jose's way of approaching jewellery, she celebrates the value of a reciprocal approach within the jewellery system.

Working a responsible model of artisanal mining in the Amazon Rainforest which began with one miner in 2018, Andrea Jose is now part of a network of 30 female miners in the Amazon region of Peru. striving to develop best mining practices in their region. The interest from these women in the jewellery craft has also taken her to start the first jewellery school located in the Amazon region in Peru.

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