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Columbia Gem House

Fairtrade & Responsibly Sourced

Eric Braunwart | Founder

Eric Braunwart, Founder and President of Columbia Gem House (CGH) is forging the path to a world where responsibly sourced gems are the rule, not the exception. With over 45 years of industry experience, Eric wrote the world’s first Fair Trade Gems® Principles & Protocols in 2001, which CGH still operates by today. Committed to creating a positive impact at every touchpoint from mine-to-market, CGH specializes in tracking and tracing its gemstones. Eric and his team openly share detailed information on every gem they sell by assigning various Fair Trade Gems® Levels to each stone. After more than four decades of working in gemstone development and cutting, Eric holds a deep understanding of the process and aims to share that with others. Working with governments, non-profits, and other gem miners and cutters worldwide, Eric works diligently to ensure safe workplaces, fair wages, responsible sourcing, and environmentally responsible gem mining.