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Rebecca Villalobos

Responsible Gemstone Program Manager

“Rebecca is the responsible gemstone program manager for Pact and serves on Pact’s Innovation Team. For almost 10 years, she has worked at the intersection of international social impact, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Prior to coming to Washington, she ran a social incubator and fellowship program (aptly named  “The Mine”), working alongside leading foundations, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to launch sustainable solutions to social problems. A passionate social entrepreneur,  she has consulted for several social enterprises throughout Southeast Asia on creating social impact through ethical sourcing and responsible supply chains, most recently working in Cambodia. Rebecca holds an MA in social enterprise from American University, where she focused on sustainability and women’s economic empowerment.“

Workshop to Design an Online Marketplace for Rough Stones

"Moyo Gems is an ethical colored gemstone collaboration of Pact, Everledger, TAWOMA, Nineteen48 and ANZA Gems. Alongside AWIMA, we’re exploring the potential of online marketplaces for rough gemstones in order to streamline and scale ethical purchasing operations. We’re looking for feedback on what works for YOU and understand potential demand by ethical cutters, designers and retailers for more direct connection to miners and traders.

Please join us for an interactive co-design session and workshop what an online marketplace for rough stones could look like. We’ll work through the functions needed, documentation/data you would want, and potential “give back” concepts that could be developed later for retailer and end consumers."

This session will be led by Carrie George of Everledger and Rebecca Villalobos of PACT.  They will be joined by Monica Gichuhi of AWIMA and Salma Kundi of TAWOMA.