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Chie Murakami

Executive Director, Diamonds for Peace

After getting a Master's degree, Chie worked on research in Haiti, and worked for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Laos Office, coordinating programs/projects. She returned to Japan to develop her skills in the private business sector, believing that perspective would be more important in the field of international development.

After working for an advertising agency and business consulting firm and running her own small business in Japan, she came back to the field of international development. She joined a JICA project to strengthen the management capacity of the managers at the Ministry of Health in Kenya.

She became interested in diamonds and did a small research project, expecting to find stories full of love and happiness. She was shocked to find perverse information, such as diamonds being the source of conflicts and human rights violations. She thought about what she could do to help improve the situation while she was in Kenya, and thought fair-trade principles could be applied to diamonds. After completing her work there, she visited Sierra Leone in 2012 and Liberia in 2014, and decided to found Diamonds for Peace and work in Liberia.

Working Toward an Equitable Diamond Supply Chain

Chie will share information about the Diamonds for Peace project, with its mission of improving ethics and fairness in the jewelry industry, and a goal to improve working conditions and social status of workers in the diamond supply chain.

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