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Jo Becker

Advocacy Director, Children's Rights Division, Human Rights Watch

Jo Becker is the advocacy director of the Children’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch. For the past twenty years, she has carried out research and advocacy on children’s rights, with a particular focus on children and armed conflict and child labor, with a particular focus on hazardous child labor in gold mining and the tobacco sector. Her field investigations have encompassed work in Burma, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and the United States.  She is co-author of The Hidden Cost of Jewelry: Human Rights in Supply Chains and the Responsibility of Jewelry Companies.  In addition to her work at Human Rights Watch, she is also an adjunct associate professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, and the award-winning author of two books.

Human Rights Responsibilities and the Jewelry Industry by Jo Becker and an Account of Gem Cutters in Khambhat by Jagdish Patel

What are our human rights responsibilities in the jewelry industry, including to laborers?  Jo Becker speaks to that question based on Human Rights Watch’s research on gold and diamond mining, and its report, The Hidden Cost of Jewelry. Jagdish Patel delves into his experience helping gem cutters who live in poverty and suffer from silicosis. In conversation, Jo and Jagdish will explore the state of human rights and working conditions in this sector.