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Meri Geraldine

Founder, Gardens of the Sun

Meri Geraldine is the visionary behind the Bali-based jewelry brand Gardens of the Sun. Before founding Gardens of the Sun, she worked as an activist and sustainability consultant on deforestation issues. 

She's on a mission to meet every single person in her supply chain, and make sure they benefit from working with Gardens of the Sun. This has led her to source mercury-free gold and Indonesian sapphires directly from indigenous Dayak communities.

Jewelry Designer Panel

Discover what led Meri to buy gold directly from indigenous Dayak women. Why she pays premiums she's ridiculed for, but that her clients are proud to pay. Follow along her journey to source diamonds and sapphires from artisanal miners in remote villages in Indonesia. Meri's quest is a story of a determined mother who decided to meet the people at the very bottom of her supply chain and ask the tough questions. 

Feel inspired to find out where exactly your materials come from, and the life-changing impact you can have on artisanal miners. You're in control. You can make a difference.

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