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Miners at a mining site in China
Open pit mining site
Mining Impact
Impact of Gold Mining on Amazon
Gold Miner in Hospital
Miners Walking to Mine at Dawn
Gold Miners in Peru
United States Premiere

Shadow of Gold


The Shadow of Gold takes an unflinching look at how the world's favorite heavy metal is extracted from the earth. The film explores both sides of the industry: the big-time mining companies that dig deep and lop off mountaintops to extract gold from low-grade ore, and the small-time miners – an estimated 20 million people in the world's poorest nations – who extract gold by hand, often producing just enough to survive.

The film reveals that glittering gold has a dark shadow. But it doesn't leave it there. We engage with engineers, scientists, and Fair-Trade advocates who work with miners to tackle gold's worst environmental and social problems. In an industrial-scale mine, we see new technology that replaces cyanide-based processing with a biological process that leaves no toxic waste. We watch small-scale miners benefit from technology that replaces mercury with an environmentally friendly process that actually produces more gold. We meet Fair Trade jewelers who have created their own self-managed, transparent supply chain that ensures consumers know exactly where their gold comes from.



The Shadow of Gold is written by Allen Booth and Denis Delestrac, and produced by Robert Lang,The Shadow of Gold is written by Allen Booth and Denis Delestrac, and produced by Robert Lang,Kensington Communications (Canada) and Sally Blake, Films à Cinq and CAPA (France), in associationwith TVO, Canal D, Knowledge Network (Canada) and ARTE (France and Germany), SVT (Sweden) andNRK (Norway).

The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference will premiere Shadow of Gold at 2:40 PM on Friday, October 25 in the Film Row Cinema at 5 S. Wabash, Chicago.